Freshly Roasted

Premium Coffee
Ethically Sourced

We have been working with our farmers for the past 50 years which speaks volumes as we remain instrumental to their wellbeing, growth and sustainability

Roasted with Love since 1950

Our roastery technolgy system is capable of reducing fume and emissions into the atmosphere, using a water abatement system in the production process.


Gran Riserva and BioCaffè Gran Miscela won the Golden Medal at the ICT and are Certified Italian Espresso's. Caffè Haiti Roma has been registered in the official Recording of Italian Excellencies



Attention to details and the passion for Espresso coffee with the excellence of our blends. Season after season, a coffee with organoleptic characteristics remains constant over time; the individual origins are then roasted with care, thanks to the “Artisan Mastery” that only a wealth of experience in production can ensure. After which it is:

Love at first sip





100% Organic 100% Fairtrade certified coffee, coming from small plantations in harmony with the environment, where the natural cultivation method, which makes no use of harmful substances for both people and the environment, contributes to maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Our BioCaffè is produced using High-Quality organic coffee, cultivated in small areas located at high and hilly altitudes, and is Fairtrade certified.



The careful choice of coffee beans’ origin is the first fundamental step in obtaining a perfect roast. Our blends are characterized by an unmistakable aromatic profile, and represent a journey into the world of Taste and Aromas.


Customers share
their joy at our coffee

G. W (Hotel)


I love the quality and the smooth taste of this coffee. I truly recommend it to all coffee lovers and businesses who are looking for that something special for their customers.

T.B (cafe owner)


Delicious coffee and amazing business service. Ever since I started serving their award-winning Organic Gran Miscela coffee, my customers keep coming back for more, and doubled my coffee business. 

James B (Customer)


Amazing coffee. I love trying their different kinds of coffee which seriously are high quality. My favorite is the award-winning 100% Arabica Gran Riserva

Shiraz A (Customer)


The Elite coffee was mind-blowing, so clean and fresh. I use a french press and could not believe the quality.

Lisa Marie (Customer)


Can’t get enough of it!!! 5 + stars and my husband loves the decaf coffee.

Dan (Cafe owner)


Their range of coffee has done wonders for my business. Truly independent and honest!!